Online iPad Simulator to see how Web Site looks on iPad

With the recent release of the Apple’s latest gadget iPad is in much demand. If it is in your wish list as well and wanted to find how website look and run on this device then you can try these all on this online iPad simulator.

iPad Peek is a place where you can find how a web site would look and feel like when run in the iPad. iPad Peek provides the online simulator for the Apple’s iPad which enables you to use the simulator and find out how the actual device would feel when a web site is opened on it.

If you are actually thinking to buy this product sooner or later then it is worth giving a try to this online iPad simulator.

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7 Replies to “Online iPad Simulator to see how Web Site looks on iPad”

  1. Have you acutally test in on IE8 or Maxthon (IE-shelled Browser). When you rotate it, the content area doesn’t rotate!

  2. This “iPad Simulator” only loads the URL in a iFrame. What that means it, you’re not seeing how your site will look on an iPad at all. You’re only see how your site will look in whatever browser you’re using right now.

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