Open InPrivate/New Tabs in Metro IE on Windows 8

Windows 8 comes with pre-installed internet explorer 10. Windows 8 is based on metro environment that is similar to Windows phone operating system. Keeping this in mind the company has provided two versions of Windows 8. One is just like the old desktop version and the other is Metro based version.

Internet explorer 10 is the default browser in Windows 8, the metro version, but in some cases if you wish to install a third party browser then IE 10 will automatically get disabled. Though metro IE is aimed at touch screens, it also allows us to focus on what we’re browsing and offers pleasant experience.

Though what we are going to discuss is very basic but I am sure that it will help the users of Windows 8. To open new tab or InPrivate tab in Metro IE, firstly open internet explorer on your system. Then right click anywhere on page or use Win + Z key combination to open metro tab switcher on top, which shows thumbnails of active tabs.

When it shows the active tabs, click on the ‘+’ sign on right-corner of Metro tab switcher to open the New Tab or click on three-dots below that to open InPrivate tab.  You can pin the current site to start, or view the site in the desktop browser, by using the options at the lower right corner. This way we wanted to share the info on how to add the InPrivate tabs or the new blank tabs.

Hope the article benefits you if you are using Windows 8 and didn’t know how to open the tabs in IE browser.

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