Open Multiple Links at Once in New Tabs in Firefox

While surfing the internet we come across many websites that are very interesting or some articles that we wish to keep with us or may be forward the URL to someone to have them read it. Well if the links are not much say a couple, it’s not a problem to anyone but say if you receive some 20 odd important links what will you do to open them? I guess we all would manually copy and paste the links in the URL right? This would be very difficult, well if you are a Firefox user here is solution to that.

Here is an add-on developed for Firefox called as “Multi-Link Paste and Go” and what this extension does is, it allows us to open multiple links in new tabs in the Firefox browser. The links just need to be separated by newline so that it can easily recognize them, and when you select all the links (just like normal Ctrl + A) and paste it in the Firefox browser having this add-on installed, it will automatically detect and open the links in the new tabs.


All you need to do is just copy the entire text/links, and paste using the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + V instead of normal Ctrl + V and hit Enter. The extension works great to detect the links and open in the new tabs thereby saving you from opening them manually again and again. At present, the add-on enables us to open at the max 50 links at a time which is a good number too.


It would be interesting to note here that if there is some stand-alone text in between the links, it would also be opened as a new tab in the Firefox however it will result in a “Problem loading page” message, as it is not a link.

If you think it’s going to help you a lot with your work then do give it a try, link at the bottom.

Download Multi-Link Paste and Go

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