How to Open Multiple Search Results in Google at once

Whenever I search for anything in any of the search engines, whether it is Google, yahoo or any other search engine, I often open more than one search result in new tabs because it saves a lot of time. Moreover, opening only one result and scrolling through a particular site does not make any sense.

What we generally do is that we open all the links that we wish to use in new tabs. Instead of this we should do something in order to improve the Google search. There is one simple way to improve viewing the search results in Google or other search engines called the Google Search Improver User Script that can improve the way, how search results can be opened.

The options available in user script will add two rows to the top of the results that you can use:

• To open the top 5 results in new tabs in the browser

• You can open all results in new tabs

• The top 5 results can be displayed in an inner frame on the Google results page

• All results of the search results page can be displayed in the inner frames on the page

If you see the screenshot above you will find that a new icon has been placed in front of each result. This icon will help you to display the contents of the selected site directly on the Google search results page. The two rows present in the webpage gives you the option to view your search result.

The Google Search Improver User Script is very easy to use. It works well on most of the browsers. Note that when you will click to install this extension, you will find that your browser may warn you that extensions may harm your computer but don’t worry it won’t harm your PC. If you are interested, you can download the user script from the link given below.

Download Google Search Improver User Script

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