Open .Reg File without Confirmation

There are times when we wish to make certain changes in the Registry of our Windows but to do that we can either edit the registry manually or use a .reg file that will do the work itself.

While editing registry manually is bit tiresome and require some precaution, using the .reg registry file is easy and does the work itself.

To use the .reg file we need to double click on it and then click OK to the confirmation prompt but here is a cool trick that can prevent the confirmation dialog and we can run the .reg file directly.


1.    Save the .reg file in any drive say C: drive.

2.    Open the Run dialog and type the following command (as shown in the screenshot)

regedit.exe /s C:\a.reg where a.reg is your saved .reg file.

3.    On pressing OK the .reg file will run directly and will not ask for any confirmation.

Cool isn’t it?

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