Open Registry Key automatically in Registry Editor through Firefox

While reading about registry settings on the web pages just like our blog, you need to visit registry editor and navigate to different registry keys. To do all this, you need to manually traverse the keys one inside the other. Wouldn’t it be great if you can directly navigate to the mentioned key automatically?

If you are a Firefox user, then this is possible with the help of an add-on called “Open in Regedit”. What this add-on will do is, it will add an option in the context menu of the browser using which you can directly visit the mentioned registry key without opening the registry editor manually.

So just highlight the key you see next on the webpage while using the Firefox, right click and select the option of “Open in Regedit” from the context menu. This shall open the registry editor for you with the mentioned key selected.

The only limitation of this tool is that it is designed to work in Firefox versions 2.0 to Firefox 3.6.

Download Open in Regedit

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