How to Open WebPages from Firefox to Chrome

In previous article we have shown the method to limit your tabs in Firefox with Max Tabs extension that restricts the opening of further tabs if the set limit is exceeded. I have found that though this extension helps us to prevent the browser from getting messed up but if you need to open extra tabs with Max Tabs extension ON, this will definitely create a problem for you.

So for this, what you can do is to transfer some of the WebPages from Firefox to Chrome browser. But it will be a little hectic for you to copy the link location from Firefox and then paste it to Chrome to get it opened. Hence to solve this problem, you should add an extension in Firefox which is known as Chrome View.

When you will install the add-on, it will detect your chrome installation itself. You can do this manually also by inserting it yourself in the add-on’s Options. After the installation, a Chrome icon will be created in the address bar.

To transfer a webpage from Firefox to chrome, right click on the link or the webpage that you want to open in Chrome browser. You will find an option ‘open with chrome’ in the right click context menu. On this option you will see a sub menu asking you to open current tab or all tabs or while working on a webpage you can click on the icon that was created, and you will be migrated from Firefox to Chrome automatically.

With this extension you can manage your workflow easily and you can work smoothly as handling tabs in Chrome is easier than in Firefox. You can configure the setting of this extension also. This extension is very helpful and you will find it easy to use too.

Download Chrome View

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