Opera 11 Browser Final Released

Amidst the leading browsers, Opera has recently announced the release of the latest stable version of their browser that is the Opera 11. Users can either download the latest version directly from the website or can update their already installed version by checking for the update.

With the release, Opera has included several improvements in the product. Among all the improvements, the most dominant is the introduction of the extensions similar to the extensions in the Google Chrome. This will allow the users to install/uninstall the desired feature in the build.


• Tab Stackling: Dragging one tab over another allows you to create groups of tabs. Now you can keep dozens of webpages open, organized and under control.

• Access bookmarks instantly

• Create your own shortcuts

• Customize the browser according to your needs.

There are several other features in the product which you can see at this link.

Download Opera 11

One Reply to “Opera 11 Browser Final Released”

  1. Opera 11 is a flop.
    Lots of websites don’t work.
    Freezes all the time.
    Switched back to Firefox.
    Slower than Firefox.
    Opera use to be my no 1 but after that upgrade its out of all our Computers, it is a complete failure.
    To all don’t use opera 11 it is not what they claim!!!!!!!!

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