Opera Mobile to Support Browser Extensions

Till October 2010, extensions were not supported by Opera browser, only widgets were supported by Opera browser. But after October 2010, the browser started supporting extensions too. These extensions serve all kind of purposes like appearance, accessibility news related etc. This also led to the introduction of speed dials that made use of new dynamic options on the browser’s Speed Dial page.

However these extensions were only supported by the desktop versions of Opera. The extensions were not supported by the mobile version of Opera till now. The new versions of Opera mobile released recently now supports extensions as well. The company states that “it is not quite certain at this point that extensions functionality will effectively make it into future releases of Opera Mobile”.

Hence the extension support is not finalized in the beta version but hopefully the company will bring new releases with better performance in the near future. The extensions support is currently available in the opera mobile for android. Currently there are some limitations in the functionality of mobile extensions for opera.

The issues related to mobile extensions for opera are:

  • Support for speed dial extensions is currently missing
  • The pop-up windows are launched in the new tabs
  • Those extensions which depends on mouse and keyboard does not work

Since it is not clear that whether the stable versions will support the extensions or not, but it is expected that if the device do not run into critical issues then the support for extensions will be added to it. Extensions can be installed officially from Opera Extensions Gallery on the Opera website. Those who don’t have an android Smartphone can test the functionality by downloading a special version of the Opera Mobile Emulator for Windows, Mac or Linux.

Link to Opera Extensions Gallery

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