Organize your Tabs Vertically in Chrome with Veritabs

I still remember the days when we used to work without tabs on the browsers, whenever we need to open a new page we had to open a new window and open the link in it, thereby cluttering our taskbar and making it difficult for us to manage and surf the internet. Tabs have really changed the way surfing is done by making things easier.

If you are a person who like to open multiple tabs and keep them opened until for later time then you know it always aggregates and you end up managing lot many tabs at the same time (well this happens to me every time). While there is no issue in opening multiple tabs, it however makes us difficult to recognize which tab is for which site as it hides the title and also the favicon of the website.


A solution to this issue can be managing the tabs vertically in a sidebar with the Chrome extension called as Veritabs. The extension allows us to see what all tabs have been opened by us and that too in the sidebar of your screen. Imagine using the unutilized space of your widescreen computer. Moreover you would also be able to scroll through the tabs with your mouse wheel. In short, definitely useful than using the old style tabs.

There is one more advantage of using this extension, those who like to surf the internet in the full screen mode (using F11) know that it’s not possible to use the tabs however Veritabs still allow you to view and manage the tabs even in the full screen mode.

Although the extension does not provide much of the uses and features but if you feel that managing the tabs vertically is a good idea then you can go ahead and give it a try.

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