Reduce audio songs size by changing Bitrate

The songs are encoded in various Bitrates these days which also increases the size of the audio file greatly. Bitrate or Bit Rate is the average number of bits that one second of video or audio data will consume. It is directly proportional to the quality of sound that the audio file produces.

There are a lot of bit rates that are used these days like 128, 144, 160, 192, 256, and 320. Amongst these 128 is the most used bit rate and at this bit rate both the sound quality and file size are balanced. But if you like to convert the audio file from one bitrate to other to reduce the size of the file if quality does not matter much or just convert the file from one format to another like wav to mp3 or other formats, then I recommend the use of Switch.

Switch is an audio file converter for Windows. It can convert wav, mp3, ogg, flac, aac, wma, au, aiff, ogg, msv, dvf, vox, atrac, gsm, dss and other formats Continue reading “Reduce audio songs size by changing Bitrate”

Reduce and compress Image size

If you like clicking more and more photos but worry about its size then this post will let you know how you can reduce the size of an image easily.

Photos clicked from a high resolution camera produce an image with great resolution but its size is also much. We may want it to send to a friend online or upload it on some site, then it is required to reduce its size.

To reduce size we can either Resize the image or reduce the pixel ratio.

Resizing to reducing size:

•    Open the image in any image editing application like Microsoft Paint and crop the Continue reading “Reduce and compress Image size”

Break BIOS Password

A user may also put a BIOS password preventing you to even enter the system but if you wish to access the system do not worry we you can still do it. However, I only recommend this trick for your own personal use.

What is BIOS?

Bios stands for Basic Input Output System and is a firmware code run by a PC when first powered on, which is a type of boot loader. The primary function of the BIOS is to identify and initialize system component hardware (such as the video display card, hard disk, and floppy).

How to Break a BIOS Password?

The following steps work absolutely fine for a Desktop and are the easiest of all.


•    Shut down the computer and take out all the plugs connected to Continue reading “Break BIOS Password”

How to set Current Music Track as status in Gtalk

Gtalk allows us to set and show the current music track that we are listening to at present. It is a good way to let the others know about our songs collection and also what we are doing at present. But if you are facing problem in displaying the Current Music Track and are going to re-install Gtalk then read this first.

Actually using this method you will be not only able to show the track, you will also be able to stop displaying the track. Gtalk links Continue reading “How to set Current Music Track as status in Gtalk”

Save and Export .doc to .pdf

Microsoft Word is very much popular and a handy tool but the Adobe Acrobat Reader has its own advantages. The PDF document is smaller in size as compared to DOC format of Word. So we often feel the need to convert .doc to .pdf

Microsoft Office 2007 users can do this very easily without using any software for this purpose. What you need is just a small plug-in known as “Save as PDF or XPS”. Using this plug-in you can not only save the file to PDF format but also to XPS format. XML Paper Specification (XPS) format is an electronic representation of digital documents Continue reading “Save and Export .doc to .pdf”

Remove W32.Babelloh virus

W32.Babelloh is a worm that has affected many systems and can open backdoor port on infected computer allowing remote unauthorized access. This worm is capable of copying itself to other drives to infect them.

The worm creates following files that you must have seen:
•    %DriveLetter%:\RECYCLER
•    %DriveLetter%:\autorun.inf
•    %DriveLetter%:\RECYCLER\desktop.exe
•    %DriveLetter%:\RECYCLER\desktop.ini
•     %SystemDrive%\spoolsv32.exe
•     %SystemDrive%\wmiprvse.exe

Steps to remove W32.Babelloh worm:
1.    Disable System Restore for a while. To do that right click on My Computer, click on Properties and go to System Restore tab and tick the option saying “Turn off system restore”.

2.    Update the Anti Virus definitions for the best removal.

3.    Scan the system with the Anti Virus. Continue reading “Remove W32.Babelloh virus”

Steps to Block Websites

There are various reasons why you may need to block certain websites. One could be that you are a parent and want to block sites that you do not want your child to visit or may be that you want to block some spamming sites or it is just that you wish to block certain sites like Orkut, Facebook etc.

This can be done easily without purchasing any expensive software and free of costs with just updating the Windows Hosts file. Hosts file is the file that keeps information about a node on a computer network.


1.    Open Command Prompt by typing Continue reading “Steps to Block Websites”

Tech Salsa on Leave!!

Who doesn’t like holidays? Yes everyone does, that is why even Tech Salsa has decided to go on a vacation to relax and enjoy a bit.

Hi friends I am going on a vacation and will be out of touch with you for few days (not much though) but will return soon and continue from where I am leaving. I will be back with more stuff of your interests. So be in contact. 🙂

Clear Google search history from the browser

Let me guess, you have searched something in Google that you wish to hide from the other users of the system or is it that you just want to add to your privacy?

So don’t get embarrass any more if the auto complete option pops up with some old words you searched for.

Here are the ways how you can clear the search history:

1.    The best and easiest way is that just move the mouse over the old entries and press Continue reading “Clear Google search history from the browser”

Useful Keyboard Shortcuts least known to us

We like to spend our most time on PC either doing some work or just chilling out. Keyboard shortcuts make our difficult task easy and we also stress out less. There are whole lots of key shortcuts available and I would not waste time discussing those already known shortcuts.

So here is a list of least known shortcuts that may come useful if our mouse is not working.

For Windows:

  • We know to go back in the browser we use “Backspace” but do you know the key to go forward? Use keys “Alt + right arrow” to go forwards. Alternatively you could use “Alt + left arrow” to go back.

Remove Newfolder.exe Virus easily

Now that we know the difference between virus, worm and Trojan lets get on the work to detect and remove some common viruses. This tutorial will help you remove the Newfolder.exe virus from your computer and let it breath free.

Removal through Tool:

Run the following tool in safe mode and the virus cleaned in seconds, yes it is that easy.

Download Tool

Manual removal:

1.    Find out all the locations of the “newfolder.exe” virus.
2.    Open the task manager and end the newfolder.exe process running in background. Continue reading “Remove Newfolder.exe Virus easily”

What are viruses, worms and Trojan horses?

Before discussing further topics on viruses and their removal let’s first have a look at the differences between viruses, worms and Trojan horses. For sure, these are some malicious programs that can cause damage to our computer and the data stored on it.

What is a virus?

Virus is some computer code written in some language and can spread from one system to another on its own. It can also replicate on its own and poses threat to hardware, software and the data stored. But if you also wished to make your own virus then read this post of mine.

What is a worm?

A worm is just another class of virus and is capable to replicating on its own automatically. They can replicate in large volumes Continue reading “What are viruses, worms and Trojan horses?”