Useful Keyboard Shortcuts least known to us

We like to spend our most time on PC either doing some work or just chilling out. Keyboard shortcuts make our difficult task easy and we also stress out less. There are whole lots of key shortcuts available and I would not waste time discussing those already known shortcuts.

So here is a list of least known shortcuts that may come useful if our mouse is not working.

For Windows:

  • We know to go back in the browser we use “Backspace” but do you know the key to go forward? Use keys “Alt + right arrow” to go forwards. Alternatively you could use “Alt + left arrow” to go back.

Remove Newfolder.exe Virus easily

Now that we know the difference between virus, worm and Trojan lets get on the work to detect and remove some common viruses. This tutorial will help you remove the Newfolder.exe virus from your computer and let it breath free.

Removal through Tool:

Run the following tool in safe mode and the virus cleaned in seconds, yes it is that easy.

Download Tool

Manual removal:

1.    Find out all the locations of the “newfolder.exe” virus.
2.    Open the task manager and end the newfolder.exe process running in background. Continue reading “Remove Newfolder.exe Virus easily”

What are viruses, worms and Trojan horses?

Before discussing further topics on viruses and their removal let’s first have a look at the differences between viruses, worms and Trojan horses. For sure, these are some malicious programs that can cause damage to our computer and the data stored on it.

What is a virus?

Virus is some computer code written in some language and can spread from one system to another on its own. It can also replicate on its own and poses threat to hardware, software and the data stored. But if you also wished to make your own virus then read this post of mine.

What is a worm?

A worm is just another class of virus and is capable to replicating on its own automatically. They can replicate in large volumes Continue reading “What are viruses, worms and Trojan horses?”

View Locked Orkut Albums and Scraps

Orkut is the famous online social networking site and is liked by almost every one of us. Orkut is a feature to interact with other peoples in the world by Google. But Orkut have added a feature to restrict viewing of our personal photo album and scrapbook from public viewing.

Now since the world is full of hackers and crackers looking for things like these, they had managed to find a way to view the albums and scrapbook earlier and the trick was working absolutely fine few months back. But when the Orkut people came Continue reading “View Locked Orkut Albums and Scraps”

Remove and Clean Brontok Virus

Our dear systems are much prone to the virus attacks and the most common virus that has infected the most PCs is the worm Win32.Brontok.A@mm. Brontok virus can be most destructive and of course disables our Folder Option, Task Manager and Registry Editor.

If you want to know “How to enable Folder Option, Task Manager and Registry Editor disabled by virus” then read this post of mine. Brontok virus is from Indonesia and shows some error message at start up. Continue reading “Remove and Clean Brontok Virus”

Find Invisible friends in Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo Messenger is the most common and liked messenger by us and we can easily choose our status to either Online or Invisible. It gives us the option of hiding from our buddies and tracking them was very difficult. But now we can easily check whether the person is really offline or just hiding his ass from us.

There may be many ways but what I found the best is to use some sites that offer this service of tracking our Yahoo buddies. Continue reading “Find Invisible friends in Yahoo Messenger”

Boot Windows from Pen Drive or USB Flash Drive

We all know how to boot from Bootable CDs but we don’t usually know that we can make our Pen Drives also known as USB Flash Drives and Thumb Drives to boot. Well the Floppies are history now and the new technologies being developed day by day urged me to figure out “How to Boot from Pen Drive”.

To Boot from USB Drives we need first need to make it Bootable, this is how we can do it:

You need to download a small application called MakeBootable Continue reading “Boot Windows from Pen Drive or USB Flash Drive”

Find if someone has Blocked you in Gtalk

Gtalk and Yahoo Messenger are quite popular these days for chatting and it often happens that we may end up disturbing one of our friends who will be forced to block us. If you want to know “How to unblock a friend in Gtalk” then read this post of mine.

Checking if someone has blocked us in Gtalk or not is easy and this can be done by using a utility known as Pidgin. Pidgin is a multi-protocol Instant Messaging client that allows you to use all of your IM accounts at once. It works with hell lot of applications Continue reading “Find if someone has Blocked you in Gtalk”

Clear History from Start Menu’s Run Command

We often use Run command to either run a process or launch an application but what Run command does is that it saves the command last used by us. When we use the Run command next time either by clicking Run from Start Menu or by pressing Windows key + R, we see the last command typed and used by us in the Run.

So it can be very annoying to see the last used command and the important thing is that it can’t even be erased by deleting cookies and other stuffs. So if you want to clear the history of commands used in the Run, then this fix is just for you.

1.    Open the Registry Editor that is type Regedit.exe in the Run command. Continue reading “Clear History from Start Menu’s Run Command”

Enable the Registry Editor, Task Manager and Folder Options Disabled by Virus

Virus attack is common these days and we often come across the problems like Disabled Folder Options or like Task Manager and Regedit disabled by Administrator. These problems are nothing but virus activities. The virus has infected our system and stopping us from accessing these options.

Pressing keys Ctrl+Alt+Del opens up a dialog saying that “Task Manager has been disabled by your Administrator” whereas you are the Administrator yourself. It becomes very annoying when you think that you can fix this problem by going into the Registry Editor but Continue reading “Enable the Registry Editor, Task Manager and Folder Options Disabled by Virus”

Access Blocked Meebo, Gtalk, Yahoo Messenger with Meebo Repeater

Everyone like chatting and the chat applications like Yahoo Messenger and Gtalk short for Google Talk are quite famous. These days many of us face the problem of Blocked Yahoo Messenger, Gtalk and even Meebo at our schools, colleges and offices.

Meebo is a good option to access AIM, Yahoo Messenger, GTalk and MSN chat applications. Meebo is a web based instant messenger client that allows us to login to our Aim, Yahoo, MSN or Google instant messenger accounts Continue reading “Access Blocked Meebo, Gtalk, Yahoo Messenger with Meebo Repeater”

Reveal or Recover XP Administrator Password using Ophcrack

Forgot Administrator password? Or is that you just wished to access the system with Admin privileges, you can break into the system without even feeling the need to change the password. If you want to reset the password, refer to my earlier post “Break or Reset Administrator password in XP”.

Knowing XP or even Vista’s Administrator password is easy and using this trick I was able to use my college’s computers with Admin rights even without changing the original set passwords 🙂

To reveal the original set password what all Continue reading “Reveal or Recover XP Administrator Password using Ophcrack”