Password Protect .exe Application Files

Have some secret exe files that you don’t want it to be run by any one else? Then you can protect it with a password of your choice.

Empathy is a great portable application that can protect any executable file with a password of your choice. That means whenever any one tries to run the exe file, it will ask for the correct password first. If the password is provided, it will run else not.

The above image can tell you what happens when you try to run the file encrypted with Empathy.


•    Easy to use.
•    Small program that do not require installation.
•    Can be used any number of time.


This is the only disadvantage of Empathy, that it is a postcardware. This means that it can be used for unlimited time but to use it with all features, one needs to send     a postcard to the developer, who will send the unlocking code by e-mail. Funny?

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