Password Protect Files and Folders with Free Folder Lock

Worried about the important and confidential files? Whatever is the partition type whether NTFS or FAT32 of Windows, you can easily protect your sensitive files and folders with a password.

There may be many tools available on the net to secure the files but most of them are trial versions. Here is the free software called Folder Lock which, though being an unregistered version, can easily safeguard your sensitive or private files and folders which you don’t want to share with the other users of the computer.

Folder Lock is an excellent tool that can either encrypt or lock the data with a password chosen by you.

Features of Folder Lock:

•    Uses 256-bit AES encryption which is difficult to crack.

•    File Lock, Folder Lock, Drive Lock, File Encryption and Folder Encryption, all in one complete package.

•    What’s more is that you can easily password protect USB Drive or Lock CDs and DVDs without the need to install it on the other end.

•    Backup, Move, Email or transfer your password protected Lockers anywhere you want.

•    Use the tool in stealth mode (useful when hiding the tool from other users of the computer).

What you all need is to download this software and play with the options before protecting your secret stuffs 😉

Download Folder Lock

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