Password Protect USB Drive with 3 Free Software

Recently I mentioned about how to password protect your USB ports so that any drive whether a pen drive, an external hard disk, cell phone or a camera can not use the USB port. Today here is a list of some freeware software that can password protect your USB Drive.

The following tools can easily encrypt the data on the USB so that when you open the drive it will ask for a password.

Free USB password protection software:

1.    Folder Lock

Folder Lock can also be used to password protect the USB along with the folders and files on the disk. The only thing with this is that being a shareware it requires Folder Lock to be installed on another computer as well.

2.    True Crypt

Better software to encrypt files on the drive.

3.    Cryptainer LE

A complete freeware to password protect the pen drive. Read this on how to install and use it.

There are many other tools available but none of them are freeware and possess some or the other limitation with them. Well if you know any one else, then do mention it here.

3 Replies to “Password Protect USB Drive with 3 Free Software”

  1. It’s great to use password protect your USB drives, but make sure you’re using the right one out there. Here is a simple solution – backup your data with an encrypted flash drive, just make sure not to forget to activate the encryption for optimal protection!

  2. Thanks for information. I tired truecrypt, but i found it is too complicated for me. I just want a very simple one to encrypt my usb, so I get this usb encryption software.

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