PC Gaming or Console Gaming?

In the last survey, we got to know that there is a tough competition between Email and Facebook users, however according to the replies; it was the Email that is checked first by the internet users.

Here is another interesting one for you, especially for the gamers. PC Gaming or Console Gaming, what’s your pick between the two?

PC games surely feel like real and amazing but there are things that it lack like the consoles which gives you shock feature and the joy of playing on the big screen. So what do you feel between the two, let us know.

So is it PC gaming or console gaming, drop a comment below to have your say.

3 Replies to “PC Gaming or Console Gaming?”

  1. Very much PC. I have a PS3, but I’ve only got it to wait on DUST 514 so that I can supplement my EVE accounts.

    For what it’s worth, the features that you say that PC is missing aren’t. You can plug them into a TV, and there’s full support (including sixaxis) for the PS3 controller.

  2. Consoles are nice for a quick & easy switch between games. No crashes (mostly) and no issues with compatibility and graphics drivers. So even though PC games are normally a pain to get going, it’s worth the trouble. Give me PC anytime.

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