Pick Random Names from a list with Random Line Picker

If there had been any situation with you that you were required to select a random entry from a list of many entries, then you would know how important it is to select. It becomes more important if the list contains the names of the people.

To select the winner for the giveaway, I was required to select a random person but selecting it can be easier had there been a bowl containing bits of paper but it is not the case. Random Line Picker is an online site that helps you with this.

It allows you to provide the list of the entries and select one or many entries, all on the random basis (ideal for announcing the winners of the giveaway). Just make sure to type in the name of the people each in a new line and click the Pre-Randomize button to shuffle the list.

When you click Pick Random Line button, it will find you the entry randomly. Cool isn’t it? It requires no installation and is free to use.

Visit Random Line Picker

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