Ping and Test your Internet Connection or Web Address

If you are facing some problems in accessing any website then it might be that problem is either with your Internet connection or with the web address you are trying to access. You may need to test either of these to get to know what the actual problem is.

With the help of this tool called WinPing, you can not only ping and test your internet connection but also check if the website is up or down, thereby informing you where the actual problem lies. While pinging the web address if you leave the address blank then it will ping your local machine but to ping the web addresses you need to provide the valid site name or hostnames.

Enter a web address or a valid host name, e.g. or, or a valid IP address, e.g. ( The IP addresses are converted into host names and conversely. An empty input gives local IP address.

The tool also provides you with the connection and ping graph, along with other graphs like NetTraffic which helps you in viewing you average download and upload speed.

This freeware program works with all versions of Windows. If your system is Windows XP or older, it requires the Microsoft .NET Framework version 2.0 or higher.

Download WinPing

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