Play Angry Birds online on any Browser

Angry Birds is one of the most amazing games.  People of almost all age groups like playing this game. Even while I travel I find people sticking to there handheld devices and playing this game. Really it is a masterpiece. However, in the beginning it was available for Smartphone users then a flash version of this game had been introduced and now a web version of this game is also available.

It was only available to Chrome users in Chrome web store. But now you can play this web version on almost all modern browsers including Firefox, IE or Opera. You don’t have to install anything or download to play this game. If you are not a Chrome user, then also you will be able to get this game on your browser.

The logic behind getting this game is very simple. You must have noticed that most of the apps available in Chrome web store are nothing but a simple link to a website. Once you get the address of that website, you are good to go.

Luckily this method works in case of “Angry Birds” app. So you can play the online version of “Angry Birds” simply by going to this Angry Birds website in your favorite browser. But make sure that your browser have “Flash Plug-in” installed.

The link given below will take you to the Angry Bird’s website. Copy the link to the address bar of your web browser and start enjoying this game. This web version will really help those who are unable to use Google Chrome.

Play Angry Birds Online

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