Play or Pause your Media Player with a Hand Gesture

I know it feels very irritating when you are watching some movie on your computer media player and relaxing on the couch but you then have to move up to the system to either pause it or play it again. Or suppose you are working on the system and have lot of windows opened, it will definitely take you lot of time in searching the right media player window to operate it.

Wouldn’t it be easier if you can make some gestures at your computer and it recognizes them to perform the appropriate action? I bet it would. Thus here comes Flutter. Flutter is a free app that, when installed in your computer recognizes your hand gestures and performs the pre defined actions.

All you need is the webcam support in your system, and if you have one then you are good to go. Just install this app, configure your webcam and you can control your media player while watching the movies even at a distance. You just need to hold your hand in front of your webcam for it to detect, simple isn’t it? Flutter can be used on Windows Media Player, Winamp, iTunes and Spotify.

How Flutter works:


When your hand is detected by the webcam, it sends the image signals to the flutter app which converts it into the binary for the computer to understand. This binary language enables the computer to recognize your gesture easily.

Flutter works great on Windows and Mac both however; it is not yet supported on Windows 8. The tool works great, and in case you face any problems, then just close the tool, and reconfigure the webcam and try again.

Download Flutter

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