Play RAR Movie Files without Codecs and without Extracting

Most people like downloading movies or video files from internet, and those large files are split in several parts before being uploaded to the net. If you have downloaded movies from Rapidshare then you must have known that how troublesome is downloading those RAR video files and extract them later.

Sometimes it also happens that the RAR archive is corrupted and then we have to download the same part from some other site. But downloading movies or videos is irritating also when you have only little memory left and can’t afford to download the whole file. Then you think to delete some data, but here is a good solution.

Just use this tool called “Dziobas Rar Player” that can play various internet downloaded movies with codecs like Divx or Xvid even without extracting the RAR files. The player is capable of playing files in formats AVI, MPGE, RMVB, OGG, MP3, RAR, MKV, MKA and some others.

Just download this tool and extract and run the DziobasPlayer.exe, You can then drag and drop the RAR files in the window and see the videos even without extracting.

Advantages of Dziobas RAR Player:

1.    Small and free.

2.    Play videos without the need to install codecs in the system.

3.    Play the movie RAR files even without extracting them.

4.    Also plays the corrupted RAR archive.

5.    Requires no installation.

The only disadvantage is that you won’t be able to seek videos.

Download Dziobas RAR Player  [Link]

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