Play Youtube Videos in VLC Player

Youtube is full of videos of every genre and it really helps in serving various purposes like passing our time, increasing our knowledge or just providing some exposure to other places. However to watch a Youtube video we need to visit either on a web browser or run the Youtube app on cellphone.

Although it is possible to watch videos over the browser but it gives us limited functionalities. On the other hand, wouldn’t it be great if we can watch the same video on VLC so that we have more control of the video being played? Yes it is possible to watch all the youtube videos on VLC player and this gives us more control on the videos.

How to play youtube videos on VLC

1. Run VLC player on your computer
2. Open Network Stream by pressing Ctrl + N. This will open the Network Stream dialog box

3. Now paste the URL of the youtube video here and the video will start playing right on your local desktop.

Advantages of playing Youtube video on VLC

• More control on the videos: Since you are playing the video in the VLC player you can perform all the functions that are there in the player.
• You can take snapshot of the video, play the video in loop, increase or decrease the video speed.
• Moreover this would give you a chance to skip the ads that you usually see on the youtube website
• Maneuver the video easily than on the web

So in case you are adapted of watching the videos and movies on your favorite player, then you can definitely go ahead and see the Youtube videos too on VLC. This would surely give you more comfort than watching on the web.

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