Point your iPhone towards a Word to know its Meaning

There are so many new words that one come across daily that expecting someone to know its definition would not be fair. Even I like to learn new words and the handiest way I find is by looking up in the iPhone dictionary app that I have in my phone. However this can be bit irritating sometime as we need to type in word manually (at least it is to me sometimes).

What would be your reaction if I say there is some app using which you can find out the definition of a word printed somewhere just by pointing your iPhone towards it and that too even if you don’t have any internet connection? Sounds pretty amazing, isn’t it? With the help of this app called Linxy you can do just this.

Using Linxy is very simple too, all you have to do is install this app from the app store, point your iPhone camera to the word for which you are not sure of and let the app scan it for you. Ensure you fit the word in the scan frame (on the screen) so that the word is detected easily and clearly. You can pinch the frame too so as to fit the word easily. If you wish to zoom the word, you can also do that using the magnifier icon in the app.

Linxy’s scanning is quite decent and you should not face any difficulty in doing this. There is some text abc written to the top right, this displays the scan sharpness. If the text is bright, it means the scan was good whereas if the text is little blurred then you should scan the word again. When the word is recognized, the app displays the meaning right away.

However if you are on the free app then you will see only limited definitions whereas the paid app users will be able to read more about it on Wikipedia along with the pronunciation of the word. Currently the app is only available to iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S users.

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