Popular Software Update Checker for Windows

We have a lot of software installed in our system, don’t we? Updating them for the newest of the updates available one by one is very tedious task.

Here are two popular software updater for you which will do the work automatically. Software Update checker scans all the software installed in our system and generates a list of all the available updates for our software.

Two popular software update checkers:

1.    Apphit

Apphit is a good and free software update checker tool that first checks the version of the software installed in the system and compares them with the latest available on net. You can download the latest versions from there after checking the versions available.

2.    Filehippo Update checker

The update checker from Filehippo is also a great and free software update checking tool.
Thus there is no reason why we should not have a software checker installed in our system.

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