Portable Firefox 5 – for USB

If you are a frequent traveller and need to be online on the internet on a computer then this post will surely interest you. There are lot of web browsers but Firefox is my favourite out of the rest and this interest can vary from person to person.

I always tend to customize my Firefox browser with some plug-ins that are liked by me but there was no way to carry this customized browser with me wherever I work. With the help of this free and portable Firefox app we can carry the browser along wherever we go and use it as it is.

How to use the portable Firefox app

Using this portable app is very simple as you just need to download it and install it in some folder in your drive. Since it doesn’t create any registry entry, you can take this installation directory with you. Copy this folder in your drive and use it from here only.

The major advantage of using this is that your settings will remain the same in the browser even if you carry it along. The setup for this portable version is, however, not released officially but is available at the link below.

Download Firefox 5 Portable

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