Post or Send Voice Messages and Audio Comments on Facebook

I like spending time on social websites as they help in getting the updates from my buddies and also enables me to keep in touch with people I would have lost contacts with, otherwise. We can post comments, upload pictures and do many things but there is one feature that Facebook is missing which I liked in WhatsApp. The ability to send voice notes.

However we can chat or comment in Facebook, but can’t send voice comments or messages by default. Well, here is a useful extension developed exactly for this purpose and if you use Chrome to access Facebook, then you are in luck.


This Chrome extension is called as Talk and Comment, and what it does is, it allows you to post voice comments and send audio messages in your own recorded voice just like you do on WhatsApp, thereby bringing additional feature to the Facebook.


After you install this extension, you need to enable it by clicking the Allow button on top. This will enable the extension to use your Microphone whenever required, as it is required to record the voice. Installing the add-on will also bring a new microphone button in your Facebook chat and comments sections. So you just need to keep it pressed to start recording and release the mic button to send the recording. The recording will be captured as a link but sent as a normal voice message.


The biggest advantage of using this extension is that, even if the receiver doesn’t have this extension installed, he would still be able to listen to the voice message (although couldn’t send it from his end). So for all those who like to send a voice comment instead of typing the message, try this useful extension available for free at the link below.

Download Talk and Comment for Chrome

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