Prevent Accidental Usage of Computer with Child Proof

In families full of children, keeping the computer safe and running is a big task. Well if your system is also shared by any of a child from your home, then you surely need to protect it from them so that you don’t need to format it or repair it for some damages.

The major risks when children use the computer are the accidental pressing of wrong buttons about which they don’t know much. You definitely need to be alert or stay with them all the time if you want to prevent this but this is not always possible.

For this purpose here is a tool called Child Proof which is designed especially to keep your computer safe from children. Child Proof is a program that protects your computer from children by accident pressing wrong buttons or key. It hides all windows, the toolbar at the bottom and the desktop and replaces it by a toolbar with programs you allow your child to execute.

The program is capable of avoiding minimizing programs, disabling windows key and other things. Please note that it would be advisable to read the readme file before you use the program. Also the tool is designed to work on Windows except Windows XP.

Download Child Proof

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