Prevent your Computer from Going in Sleep or Hibernate Mode

Whenever we leave our system idle, due to the settings we have in our systems, the computer tends to go into the sleep or Hibernate or any other power saving mode. Sometimes it also locks the computer or starts a screensaver, resuming from which we need to enter the system login password which feels very irritating.

If you know that you are the only user of your computer and there is no security problem then you should try preventing your computer from entering the power saving modes. Although we have many options in our system related to power but if you see there is no such option which can allow you to set the duration before which the system is moved into sleep or other modes.

With the help of this tool called Sleep Preventer, you can not only stop your computer from entering either of the sleep, hibernate or power saving modes but can also allow you to set the duration for which the system is kept idle.

Sleep Preventer is a very light application using which you can prevent your system from going to sleep, hibernate, dim the display or start the screensaver mode. The application runs in the background and doesn’t take much of the CPU memory. Moreover you can toggle the application ON/OFF just by right clicking on the system tray icon.

Changing the value of timer button in the application allows you to keep the system idle for that specified period of time, which is very helpful in case you tend to go away from your system for some time in between the work.

So at least you now have the option to keep your system idle or let it go into the power saving mode as sleep or hibernate.

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