Prevent Computer from Sleeping with Mouse Jiggler

When we work on the system for a long time we tend to get tired and thus a break is definitely required for us to feel refreshed but what happens during this break is that our system goes to sleep mode and if you have password protection enabled, it gets locked also.

This, sometimes, feel irritating and we wish to disable the sleep mode of the windows. So instead of disabling this feature, wouldn’t it be great if there is something that can keep the system awake for the duration we are not working on the computer?

Thus we have a free tool called Mouse Jiggler and what it does is, it sends to the computer a “fake” mouse signal such that it feels that the system is being used. The signal sent is purely virtual but enough for the system to not to activate the screensaver and going into sleep whereas the mouse stays where it was.

The tool is really great to use when you don’t want either to play with your power settings or disable the screensaver or the sleep mode. Not only during a break this tool will also come handy when you are installing some software that takes long for installation.

The only requirement of using this tool is that system should have the .Net Framework 2.0 installed in the system.

Download Mouse Jiggler

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