Prevent Cyclic Redundancy Check Error

This is a common problem and occurred to one of our readers so I thought of writing a detailed article about it, so that it may help others as well. Cyclic Redundancy Check or CRC Error is quite common and can occur in any system.

First of all believe me this error is not certain i.e. it can happen one time and not occur at other.

Why does CRC error occur?

Cyclic Redundancy Check, in reality, is a data check procedure that checks whether the data to be transferred is transferred successfully or damaged in the process. If you get this message, it means that the file being read by your PC or software is corrupted. However, it does not mean all the data is lost forever.

Cyclic Redundancy Check error is quite common when you try to read data from CDs or DVDs. This happens when our system is unable to read data from the CD and thus becomes extremely slow (hangs).

Just before showing this error, some CD grinding sound comes from the CPU and after several failed attempts; they give up and display the redundancy check error. The problem can be because of the bad CD disk, loose cables, bad CD Drive or the software related.

Solution to the problem:

If the problem is CD related, then cleaning it can solve the CRC error but if it the same case with most disks, then it must be your hardware issue. Another cause of the problem might be the discs that were burnt poorly (with several buffer under runs).

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