Prevent Files from being Copied from a CD/DVD

Have you ever seen a disc with copy protection? Right there are CDs that are copy protected that is from which we can’t copy any file. One of our readers also wanted to know how to copy protect data of a CD, well in case you also want to know how it is done, here is the info.

There are many reasons why you would want your CD/DVDs to be copy protected like to protect from piracy or just prevent the data you don’t want to be shared with others. To be able to copy protect a CD, you need a third party tool. I came across his free tool called WTM CD Protect, that can do this for you.

What you need to do is just install this tool, and use it to give your CD extra protection that can protect it from copying. After you have given this protection to the CD, trying to read the CD will result in the CD master giving unreadable sector messages and the copying process will be stopped. Copy protection will not allow copying to a blank CD.

The tool is even capable of copy protecting USB drive too. USB Flash Drive Copy Protection includes the ability to copy and crypt all types of data namely pdf, doc, xls, txt, pps, psd, xml, exe, scr and so on, thus giving enhanced and efficient digital rights management for users.

So try this tool whenever you wish to give your CD/DVD disc or USB drive copy protection.

Download WTM CD Protect

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  1. We want to market DVDs with 8 .wma files of 3 GB total. They can be pasword protected, but if copied, should not open with the same password. Can you provide a solution.
    With regards, RK

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