Prevent Password Expiration Message in Windows XP

If you have some user accounts in your system having password then you must know how irritating it feels when you are asked to change the password after some time. Although it is a good practice to have one, but in case you work in a secure environment with trustworthy people then you might want to prevent this pop up message.

Most of us are not using Windows XP these days but there are some who still like it, thus for those here is the tip below to stop this password expiration message.

In Windows you can easily disable this password expiration message, so follow the steps below to prevent the error message saying “your password is going to expire”:

1. Right click on the My Computer icon

2. Select Manage

3. Go to Local Users and Groups / Users

4. Right-click on the user you want to change

5. Select Properties

6. On the General tab, check Password never expires

7. Click OK

Please note that the above steps are for Windows XP only and shall not work on other OS even the later Windows versions.

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