Prevent Unauthorized Access to your Files with Encoding Decoding

Are you that person who has a lot of confidential files on your system? The information stored in those files is so sensitive that if accessed by any third person, it could affect you a lot. So how do you protect those files? Encryption is an option that you have but it could be successful only if you have many files to protect.

What will you do if you have only one or two files to protect? So for that you can use ‘Encoding Decoding’ tool. This tool perfectly fits the purpose. This is a portable application that will really help you to encrypt and decrypt individual files easily.

You do not have to make many efforts to encrypt/decrypt your files. All you need is to drag and drop the file to the application main interface or you can browse the files from the ‘File Browser’ option provided within the application. Once you add the file, you will be prompted to assign a password for your files. This application is similar to a Folder Lock with which you can provide a password to your Files and Folders stored on your computer.

Once you assign a password to the file it will get stored in the same directory in which the application is installed. This means you can delete the original file completely from your system. This is because actually the originally file remains as it is but the copy of it gets saved in the application directory with a password.

In the similar manner, when you want to decrypt a file you have to drag and drop the file and then enter the correct password and it will be stored in the same directory in which the encrypted file was stored. The application is easy to use and works with all versions of windows.

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