Prevent Web Scripts and iFrames from Auto Loading in Chrome with ScriptBlock

If you are a geek user then you know how the information is transferred over the internet but if you are not into computers then probably you don’t know how a web page loads. A webpage can consists of some java scripts and iFrame boxes which might load in the background without any knowledge to you. While trusted websites use only the good scripts, you can’t be sure of all the websites out there. There can be some which use malicious codes to hack your data.

Thus it is very important to block scripts from running in the background while giving access to run to all those you trusts. Well if you are a Chrome user, then here is an extension that works great. The extension is called as ScriptBlock and will let you control javascript, iframes and other unwanted content on a website.


Using this extension, you can be sure of what all scripts are being loaded on a webpage and which one to block while which one to allow. So when you are using this, you will notice a small window on top that will let you know that a script has been blocked and asking for your permission to run.

If you trust the website, then you can allow the script to run temporarily or can permanently add an exception as a “white list”. Some examples of whitelist may include Facebook, Twitter, Paypal and other famous websites.


So when surfing you notice a number on the extension icon, it will mean that those many scripts are blocked by it and will need your permission. So just click the icon to open the window and provide your permissions.

ScriptBlock works perfectly together with other extensions like AdBlock, AdBlock Plus or Ghostery. Managing the extension is fairly easy, just keep adding your trusted list of sites to the whitelist and let the extension block the scripts on sites you don’t trust.

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