Prevent Windows from Auto Sleep, Standby or Hibernate

If you have noticed that keeping a system idle for some time say 10 minutes or so, dims the computer screen (by default) or 30 minutes puts the computer to sleep. This is the default settings of the power plan in Windows 7. But there are occasions when you need to run the system for than this time without getting it sleep or hibernated.

Say you are showing some presentation on the system but not moving the mouse or pressing the key dims the screen, which of course don’t look good. Or consider a situation where you are downloading something from the internet and using the system, then after 30 minutes you find it in sleep state.

You can easily change the power plan according to you but the thing is there are people who forget to change it back when done thereby compromising on the battery power. For this situation, here is a simple tool called Don’t Sleep.

Don’t Sleep is a simple to use and free tool that can prevent system shutdown, Standby, Hibernate, Turn Off and Restart when idle. What you need to do is just run the app, select the option you want to disable like that of shutdown or hibernate and it will start working on it instantly.

The tool can also be accessed over internet using the system’s IP address in any web browser.

Download Don’t Sleep

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