Preview Links and Images on any Web Page in a Preview Window without Opening them

When you surf on the internet there are times when you come across many images in thumbnails or some links that wish to open but for that you need to click them and open in either a new window or the same. Remember Google Search’s preview functionality which shows the preview of the site without opening it, doesn’t it feel good?

I am sure you will like this feature if you have an option of adding it in your browser. Well if you are using Google Chrome, then wait no more. With this extension called SwiftPreview you can make your browser to display the preview of the images, links and websites that you come across without opening them and just by hovering your mouse over them.


Imagine you are surfing Facebook where you liked some image, then you just need to hover your mouse over it and it will display in full size in a preview window. It can also display the preview of shortened URLs, the most common feature in Twitter. So whatever the webpage it may be, you can see the preview in a pop up preview window without actually clicking it.


Moreover, apart from just seeing the preview, you can click the links/images in the preview window. Suppose you are previewing Youtube, then you can even use the player functions in the window which will not close on clicking. The window is dynamic in nature which adjusts according to the size of the preview and also based on the mouse pointer location.

The extension provides you with customizable options which you can set easily. You can make the preview to appear after sometime which will ensure that it does not display preview of each link over which you move your mouse.

If you find the extension useful for you then you can download it from the location below.

Download SwiftPreview

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