Preview Text in all Fonts Installed in your System at the same time

Being a photo enthusiast, I like clicking photos and sharing them on the web but to add a watermark of my name I require some stylish font. To get the desired font of my choice I had to type the text and manually select every new font installed to see how the text is appearing.

If same is the case with you then here is how you can see the preview of the text in all the fonts installed in your system at the same time. With the help of this online utility called Wordmark, you can type the desired text in the top Wordmark box and click on the Load Fonts button below to generate the preview of all the fonts simultaneously.

Within few seconds all the fonts will be loaded thereby helping you to see which one of the previews available looks the best to you. At the top there are some more services available like you can get the negative of the preview also, and can increase or decrease the size of the font etc.

The service is free to use and can be easily used at the following location.

Visit Wordmark

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