Print Documents to any Printer in World

We need to take prints of some important documents in our daily lives but setting a printer in the local network is not an easy job for everyone. What if you need to send the print command from one location and take the print out in some remote location?

PrinterShare can do all that for you. PrinterShare from Printer Anywhere makes it easy to send a print job to another computer the only thing being it should be running the PrinterShare as well. With PrinterShare you can print documents and photos on other people’s printers as easily as on the one connected to your machine.

The tool will come useful to all those especially those companies that have offices in different countries or cities, as they just need to select the printer from any location. The print jobs can be sent to the selected printer over internet.

The tool is also able to add local network printers to the list and those can be shared as well. Installation of this tool will add a new printer called Printer Anywhere and you can then choose all connected printers using PrinterShare.

Download PrinterShare / Printer Anywhere

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