Privy Chat for Facebook lets you Read Facebook Chat Messages without Seen Notification

Facebook Chat is one of the easy chat media these days among other stuffs like WhatsApp and Viber and with the FB messenger application; it makes it easier for us to communicate with everyone in our friends list without the need of exchanging phone numbers. Facebook had launched this feature of providing the Seen Notification in the chat messages to let people know who all have read your messages or who had not.

While this feature is of use to many people (as it acts like a read receipt in the emails), some people may actually don’t like this feature. There are times when I don’t wish to let my friend know that I had seen the message as it removes the pressure of replying at the same time and I can use my own time to compose a good reply.


Wouldn’t it be great if there had been some feature with which we can prevent our friend from knowing if we have seen the message? Well if your friend is a person who would feel bad if you have seen the message and are still not replying, then this surely would be a great feature.

If you have an Android phone, then here is one more reason to cherish. With this application called as Privy for Facebook, you can actually disable the Seen notification from the facebook chat. What you need to do is just install the app and start using it for your FB chat purposes.


The chat will present you with list of people you are already communicating with, with an eye icon beside the name. If the eye icon is closed, the messages have not been read by your friend, whereas the open eye represents that it had been read. The Seen notification will be sent as soon as you start replying to the message until then you are safe to read and not respond.


The app works great however there are few limitations currently, like you won’t be able to start a new chat with someone you had not chatted with, you would not be able to send any attachment too. Moreover the app doesn’t display any new message notification which would have been great. Let’s see if the developer fixes these issues.

Other than these, you can use this app to hide your Seen notifications. Download it from the link below.

Download Privy for Facebook

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