Process Information: What is ctfmon.exe?

If you run windows then you must have seen this process running in the background. This is a very common process and appears each time you try to remove from the startup list.

Ctfmon.exe is a common and useful process related to the Microsoft Office Suite. It does the important work of controlling the Alternative User Input and the Microsoft Office XP Language Bar. It comes handy when we try to control the computer through speech or when using the onscreen keyboard.

The process is important to the people using these features but others can consider disabling ctfmon.exe.

Steps to disable ctfmon.exe

In Windows

•    Go to Control Panel and choose Regional and Language Options.

•    Click on Details under text service and input language section.

•    Go to Advanced tab and Click the box that reads “Turn off advanced text services”.

You may also need to remove some additional features like this one shown below.

Remove from Startup

•    Type msconfig in the Run box and just uncheck the ctfmon option from the startup tab.

•    Reboot the computer.

The process would have been disabled now.

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