Process Information: What is dwm.exe?

If you have been using Windows Vista OS then you must have come across a process named dwm.exe

Dwm.exe stands for Desktop Window Manager and is normally found in the Windows Vista OS. The process is responsible for the graphical effects in Microsoft Windows Vista operating system such as 3D effects, live windows previews and windows transparencies.

Why is it required?

The process is required for the cool visual experience that you see and in fact it increases the system’s visual performance.

Additional info

Dwm.exe uses quite a lot of memory and it can slow down your system but if you wish to switch to the Vista Basic theme, Dwm.exe will not get turned off however it will use less memory.

Disabling the DWM

The process can be disabled from the services menu (type services.msc in the Run box) and then disabling the “Desktop Window Manager Session Manager” service.

NOTE: disabling the process can lead to serious results.

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