Process Information: What is Explorer.exe?

There are so many processes running in the computer that they can confuse anyone. People have always wondered that why there are so many processes running in the system? To remove this confusion and to provide extra information on these processes, I am starting with this new thread that will tell the people “what process is it and also why is it running in the computer”.

You can read the information about svchost.exe from here. We are starting with the basic process that every user of Windows must have known about, Explorer.exe.

What is Explorer.exe and why is it running in Task Manager?

The explorer.exe file is an executable file for Windows Explorer. The explorer.exe file is located in the folder C:\Windows by default and is required for the proper running of the Windows Operating System.

Killing the process will not crash the system; it will only stop the explorer from running which means that you will not be able to access My Computer and other Windows features. You can then re-enable the process to start using the Windows features. However, explorer.exe should not be disabled, as it is required for essential applications to work properly.

Extra Info

Author: Microsoft Corp.
Part of: Microsoft Windows Operating System
Common Path(s): %windir%\explorer.exe
Threat Rating: 0/5

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