Process Information: What is Vidalia.exe?

One of our readers wanted to know about the process called vidalia.exe that runs in the background. If you also want more info on this, then here are the details.

What is Vidalia.exe?

Vidalia.exe is a genuine process related to the if it is located at the Program Files directory of your system but if it is located at some other place as well then it can be a malware too.

Why is it running?

The process is related to the Vidalia Support and is running in the system if you have used this service once. The process can be found in the location C:\Program Files\Vidalia but if there is any more location of the tool then you must scan the system.

The process can slow down your system if it is running in the start-up, so you can remove the process from the start up list. to check the list of the start up processes, type services.msc in the Run box and terminate the process from there.

It is also advisable to scan the system with the anti-malware called Malwarebytes Anti Malware.

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