Process Information: What is wmiprvse.exe?

You must have seen this process running in the task manager but if this has made you confused as what it is and what purpose does it serve, then read here.

What is wmiprvse.exe and why is it running?

Wmiprvse.exe is a process that is linked to the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI). It is a Microsoft Windows-based component that provides control and information about management in an enterprise environment.

The file is used by developers to develop applications used for monitoring purposes. The programs can alert the users about events related to network and file right after the occurrence of the event.

WMI resides in a shared service host with several other services. This thing was started with the release of Windows XP. Multiple instances of Wmiprvse.exe can run at the same time under different accounts like LocalSystem, NetworkService, or LocalService.

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