Process Monitor: Advance Process Monitoring tool

The default Task Manager in Windows provides us with the list of the processes running in the background with not much information. Though it tells us about the memory consumed by a process, but the info provided is not sufficient.

What if you want to set a trigger on some process so that when it runs the next you get an alert displaying the same, not possible with the default Task Manager. Here is another Task Manager replacement tool or simply called the Advanced Process Monitoring tool called Process Monitor.

Process Monitor is an advanced monitoring tool for Windows that shows real-time file system, Registry and process/thread activity. It shows lots and lots of process information and moreover using the filter feature you can set a filter on an event, so that whenever it occurs you get to know.

For example, you can set a filter on a .wav file, and whenever the system plays any .wav file, it will inform you what processes were run to play a .wav file (useful to know what processes in your system are playing an audio file).

Apart from being a descriptive Process explorer, it is a great tool that also does some other useful functions too. The tool can work on Windows XP SP2 or higher and is a great tool to have, more details at the link below.

Download Process Monitor

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