Protect against I Love.exe You Virus

There are lot of virus infecting the computer and thereby reducing the privacy of the users. We already have an instance of I Love You.exe virus earlier but this year on 14th Feb that is on Valentine’s day, there came an another instance of the virus named I Love.exe You virus.

The malware asks the users to click on some links, which on clicking installs Trojans in the system. When you run it, nothing visible happens, but it has installed itself in your computer. What for? Well, this is a RAT (Remote Access Trojan) that will give access to your computer and all your personal information. This are just some of the features this Trojan includes:

•    Remote Desktop
•    Webcam Streaming
•    Audio Streaming
•    Remote passwords
•    MSN Sniffer
•    Remote Shell
•    Advanced File Manager
•    Online & Offline keylogger
•    Information about remote computer

So how do you protect against this threat? Simple it is, never click on any suspicious link and keep your computer and Antivirus signatures updated to the latest available.

[via Pandasecurity]

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