Protect your Kids from Online Adult and Inappropriate Content using eSafely

Internet is full of information; it can be useful or can be inappropriate. Whether we are working on internet or just using it for some entertainment purposes like watching youtube or social sites, we come across large number of anonymous users too who can be rude to anyone. I have seen much online content where people are debating and using inappropriate words to address each other.

Well it is not only us who are using the computer and the internet; our kids also need to use it for their study purpose. We definitely want our kids to stay away from these, don’t we? While we can’t always be with them to monitor their online activities, there are tools that can do so.


There are many tools for this purpose of online filtering but we are reviewing one easy and simple to use tool called as eSafely. eSafely is the only parental control tool designed to work seamlessly with your web browser to provide complete online protection for you and your family. This is available for free download and as browser extensions in majorly used web browsers namely Chrome, IE, Firefox and Safari.

Here is how it works:

eSafely protects your child from displaying any of the adult content, images, terms or conversations online from the following major websites: Facebook, Wikipedia, YouTube and Search. So in short what this does is, it block all the inappropriate images (images which are not kid safe) from appearing on the web page whenever your child is online.

eSafely on Facebook: Protects kids against bullying in chat and automatically removes harmful images to avoid accidental exposure. Moreover it doesn’t transfer any of the outrageous comment while chatting to the other side, rather display a message “Please be polite”.

eSafely on YouTube: Forces Safe Mode and disables option to view 18+ rated content on YouTube. It blocks all the adult videos and the option to view them. Moreover it also blocks any inappropriate comment to be posted.


eSafely on Wikipedia: Provides kid-friendly access to Wikipedia, with harmful images automatically removed.

eSafely on Searches: Delivers clean search results for searches performed on most major search portals. Moreover it disables Google search and other engines, to display the results from Clearch (Clean Search) which only displays kids’ safe results.

What’s more good about eSafely is that, you don’t need to set anything up, as just enabling the extension will enable all the protection by itself. Just make sure that your kid don’t disable it while working on 😀

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