Puzzle Alarm Clock for Android ensures you really wake up

When it comes to waking up every morning I am an active person but I know how difficult getting up can be some days or at least for some people. I have seen many people who either set up lot many alarms in their cell phones or keep the loudest alarm loud enough to wake up everyone around. Different people try different kind of tricks just to make sure that they wake up on time or before it’s too late. What if we provide you with some app on your phone that makes sure you are really awake?

Here is this app called as Puzzle Alarm Clock and as you can make out from the name it is an app that will act as a barrier between you and your alarm. The app ensures that you solve the puzzle(s) before you can actually turn off the alarm. This way, you are most likely to wake up every morning.


How to set the alarm:

Setting the alarm is same as it is by default on your cell phone however what’s new in this app is that you can select the Turn Off mode from the many modes like Puzzles, NFC tag and QR code, shaking the phone or notifications.

Here are details of these features:

Puzzles: you have the option to set one or up to 5 puzzles which you need to solve in order to disable the alarm. Puzzles can be general mathematical equations like ( 8 – 5 ) * 4 = ? or it can be some mind based pattern puzzle depending upon the level.


NFC tag or QR code: You need to scan some QR code using your phone or using the NFC tags to stop the alarm.

Shake: The shake wake up method will disable the alarm if you provide good shake for certain number of times say around 15 times.


Notifications: This is also a good feature by the developer that ensures that you are actually awake. The app will show a notification after around 5 mins and if you fail to click it then the alarm will go off again.


These features are really nice and new to me and for everyone who don’t want to miss on waking everyday on time. The app also keeps a track of your sleep pattern in a profile which you can see in the app itself. The app can also post your results on the Facebook letting your friends know if you fail to wake up or not the same day (this might prove inspiring to you).

Well if you are impressed by the app then you can get the free version at the below mentioned link.

Download Puzzle Alarm Clock

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