Quickly Access your Favorite Programs, Files and Folders

Say you want to access your Outlook Mailbox, Media Player or a document, you will navigate to the desired location and open it but you can quickly run the program in just a click using this tool called Favorite Shortcuts.

Favorite Shortcuts menu available:
•    in the Windows Desktop context menu
•    in a folder background shortcut menu
•    in the Windows Explorer File menu
•    in the Internet Explorer Favorites menu
•    in the Windows taskbar notification area (system tray)
•    in any application using a hotkey.

To bring it up, right-click an empty spot on your desktop (or any other folder), point to Favorite Shortcuts or Quick Launch, and then click an item in the popup menu. You can also right-click on the special icon in the taskbar notification area (system tray) to display the favorite shortcuts menu. To display the Quick Launch menu, just left-click that system tray icon.

This can be accessed through a hotkey as well. The tool is a shareware and can be downloaded from the location below. Details about the product can also be found below.

Download Favorite Shortcuts

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