Quickly Terminate a Process with ProcessKO

An application can hang anytime and there is nothing much you can do to avoid that but there is something that you can in that situation. When an application freezes you need to forcefully terminate it from the task manager but for that you need to find the program from the list and click End Process.

ProcessKO is a small useful tool designed to quickly kill any running or hanging process/program. To avoid all the steps and clicking Yes to “Are you sure you want to terminate the process” in order to kill the process; just use this program called ProcessKO.

Now one can save many hand moves and also save time! And it’s easier than ever. With ProcessKO, terminating any process or program goes faster and the program can even be restarted from ProcessKO. It lists the processes in the taskbar menu terminating which is easier and quick.

The tool is free, requires no installation and is operable in all versions of Windows.

Download ProcessKO

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