Reason why gpedit.msc is not working in Windows 7

Group Policy Editor or the command used to run it that is gpedit.msc is the best way to configure your system for some admin options. There are many options that are available in this which are used to make the backend changes in the system like disabling any tool, taking off privilege of a user or etc.

To access the Group Policy Editor you need to type gpedit.msc in the Run box, which automatically opens the window for you to customize the options. Now the issue here is that I have seen this command not working in Windows 7 OS in many computers.

Following are the reasons if your gpedit.msc command is not working in Windows 7:

1. The simplest reason is that, sometimes people confuse it with gpedit and types in the command without typing the .msc in the end. Since gpedit is no command, you may see the error message that Windows is unable to find gpedit command.

2. You are using the Home edition of Windows 7 OS. It is very dismal to know that this command is not working in the Windows 7 Home Premium or the Home Basic versions.

This command is working fine on Windows 7 other than Home Premium or Basic like the Ultimate Professional or even Windows XP. I also checked for the admin tools in the control panel and found that there is no way you can use this command if your system is the Home Basic or Premium Windows 7 OS.

Hope it has cleared the reasons why it is not working in Windows 7 OS.

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